Early Morning Gaming

Sometimes, all I want to do when I wake up in the morning is start up my latest favorite game. Trying to be productive in the morning becomes a futile effort. I could spend an hour preparing breakfast, going through my morning routine, and prepare myself for the coming day. Or I could just sit on my ass and mash buttons on a controller. A dilemma I’ve faced many times throughout my many years of gaming. I’ve learned that depending on the choice made, it can easily indicate how much I truly enjoy a certain game.

The most recent of games to have made me into a lazy, indulgent, asshole has been: Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone for the Playstation 4. If you don’t know what Project DIVA is, it is a long running rhyme game franchise starring the virtual diva Hatsune Miku. This latest game is a home console release of the arcade game only available in Japan. As the chances of the game coming stateside are slim, I decided to drop over 85 dollars to buy this from the Japanese Playstation Network Store. With over 224 songs to choose from, I feel pretty content with my purchase. If you’re a Vocaloid fan and haven’t checked out the Project Diva series.

But this is only one in a long line of games that has to be so helplessly addicted that I put aside any responsibilities in the morning to get some gaming in. One memory that really sticks out to me was trying to finish up all the loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2. I was so blown away by just how perfectly crafted the companions on the Normandy. I was determined to experience all their stories and get them through the suicide mission at the end of the game. From the second I picked up the game, all I wanted to do was explore the cosmos and do everything I could possibly do. When the first thing I want to do the second I wake up is run straight back to where I left off, I know the developers did something right.

Another game I wasn’t expecting to join in on this early gaming sessions, was Gravity Rush Remastered. I thought I would enjoy Gravity Rush more than I actually did when I bought it on the Playstation Vita, but nothing really stuck out for me. Despite all the positive things I’d heard about the game, I had also just purchased the game I exclusively bought the Vita for, the visual novel adventure game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, so it took priority over Gravity Rush. It wasn’t until I purchased a Playstation 4 and decided I really should give Gravity Rush another chance, did I fall in love with the game. Once I learned the trophies were fairly manageable to collect, I went on a gaming spree to earn that Platinum. Many early mornings were spent trying to earn gold medals on the various trial missions.

Playing a couple of my favorite songs in Project Diva is the perfect way to start a day. But I wonder what will be my next early morning game? With Dragon Quest Builders and  Gravity Rush 2 on the horizon, I believe we have some strong contenders for the spot this year. As long as my passion for games continues, I’ll always have time to play!


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