First Impressions: Persona 5

Now that I'm 40 hours into Persona 5 I can confidently say that it has blown away my expectations. The game had a lot to live up; Persona 4 is one of the greatest Japanese role playing games of all time. So, to see Atlus just knock it out of the park with this latest … Continue reading First Impressions: Persona 5


Revisiting an Old Favorite: The Simpsons

About a year ago, I began listening to the podcast Talking Simpsons, a chronological exploration of every episode of The Simpsons. The passion and admiration that the host, Bob Mackey, Christopher Antista, and Henry Gilbert exhibit for classic Simpsons is inspiring, to say the least. While I do own seasons 1-8 on DVD, outside of … Continue reading Revisiting an Old Favorite: The Simpsons