Netflix, please stop buying exclusive anime streaming rights

It was recently announced that Fate / Apocrypha is going to be released exclusively on Netflix in America, on November 7th. No, Netflix. I’m not going to wait four months to watch a show everyone else is watching weekly. This is what happens when a streaming company gets involved in a medium they don’t understand.

Netflix, what the fuck.png
To everyone who waited 7 months for only 13 episodes. I’m so sorry.

You’d think after the outrage from Little Witch Academia, Netflix would have gotten a better understanding that the binge-watching model simply doesn’t work with currently airing anime. A lot of the enjoyment in watching seasonal anime stems from online anime communities. Joining weekly episode discussions, keeping up to date with the latest jokes and memes, and watching the reactions of your favorite content creators. By the time Fate/Apocrypha shows up on Netflix, the majority of people interested in the series would have watched it already. I certainly didn’t wait on Little Witch Academia.

Fate Apocrypha Episode 01Totally not a fansub

I’m all about supporting legal streams whenever possible. But if Netflix tries to force their outdated model on its subscribers, It’s the pirate’s life for me. As more streaming platforms sign exclusive rights to our favorite shows, it’s important we think carefully of who we want to back. The segmentation of content is only going to get worse from here on out.


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