Xel’s Seasonal Anime Wrapup – Spring 2017 (Part 2)

Tsugumomo (7/10)

It’s your typical action series with a heavy emphasis on ecchi. My biggest complaint is just how generic most of the character designs are. Kazuya has one of the most copy-paste protagonist design you’ll ever see. But at least the fight scenes made up for it, with some very impressive animation. The action renewed my interest in the series and was disheartened to see people giving the show such low ratings.

But It’s understandable, given that the first few episodes, where the gang defeats various tsukumogami at school got stale pretty quickly.  But it improves greatly once it starts to move away from the format. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed my time with Tsugumomo and would definitely watch another season. It seemed like the type of series that would improve greatly over time, as you get to learn more about the characters and the world. And of course, the show knows my one weakness, a love for all blue haired girls. Hell,  I might pick up the manga just for Kiriha alone.

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor (6/10)

I’m so sick of these self-insertion protagonists found in all light novel adaptations. So, going into Akashic Records, I was pleased to see an older protagonist with an actual semblance of a personality. He’s a laid-back, confident dude, and infinitely more enjoyable to watch then so many other light novel protagonist.  Glenn holds up the show as best as he can, with Sistine, as irritating as she is early on, is just as capable of holding her own in a fight. She gets a pass in my book. However, Rumia is utterly useless.  A walking plot device whose sole purpose is to get targeted by the villain of the week.

The biggest issue is with how much they are able to cram so much into 12 episodes, absolutely nothing important happens. Everything is inconsequential as if filler to a far more interesting story. For Christ sakes, The Akashic Records, you know, what the show is named after, isn’t even mentioned until the very last possible moment in the series. I’d be willing to give the series another shot if a second season rolls around, but I’m not too impressed so far.

Alice to Zorouku (6/10)

Outside of the hilariously bad CGI in the first episode, there were a lot of things to like about Alice to Zoroku. I went in expecting the show to continue the trend of a parent raising a small child by themselves, kind of like in Poco’s Udon World and Amaama to Inazuma. So, you could imagine my face when the first episode went into Elfen Lied territory, with a young girl using all sorts of magical powers. That thumbnail on myanimelist sure was deceptive, haha.

My biggest problem with Alice to Zorouku is that it doesn’t know what it wants to be. It constantly shifts from science fiction and magical powers to slice of life shenanigans. The best moments came from Zorouku trying to teach Alice to live a regular life without having to rely on her powers. Had the show had more moments like that, I would have liked it a lot more. It certainly worked better than those crazy fight scenes surrounded by Playstation 1 era 3D.

Seikaisuru Kado (6/10)

I had such high hopes for KADO. The first few episodes delve into the repercussions of introducing advanced, alien technologies into human society. They set up all of the possible issues that could arise from giving the world unlimited power, the ability to never have to sleep, or the power to manipulate gravity. I’m expecting this deep philosophical exploration on the nature of human society. How even when given all we need to progress as a species, needless bureaucracy holds us back.

And…. nothing. Instead, the last few episodes go off into the deep end and make you ask if you haven’t wasted your time. I sat there in disbelief, as KADO took everything that made it unique and slaughtered them all before my eyes. The nonsensical conclusion was enough for me to consider dropping the show. All I wanted was some wholesome negotiation and diplomacy. Seriously, what the hell were they thinking?

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