Xel’s Seasonal Anime Wrapup – Spring 2017 (Part 3)

Eromanga-sensei (6/10)

I admit I liked Oreimo. I don’t know what people were expecting. It spells out its premise right there in its title! There was nowhere to go but the incest ending! Even If I’m still salty about best girl KuroNeko’s abuse in the series, I still liked it. Fushimi Tsukasa continues his obsession with 12-year-old girls and Incest in Eromanga Sensei. A man who continues to forge this brave path for all anime watchers. But there was a critical mistake that could have made Eromanga Sensei so much better.

It was a cop-out to not make Masamune and Sagiri blood-related. Tsukasa, if you want to write about sibling banging each other, don’t compromise. Have the balls to write the story you want to write, or don’t write it at all. Whatever people have to say about Oreimo, it at least had some dignity to go all in. I’ll give Eromanga Sensei a 6 if just for the hours of entertainment from all the reactions of anime communities, but I might not be so kind upon rewatching the series.

Renai Boukun (6/10)

There isn’t much to say about Renai Boukun. It’s your typical, run of the mill harem show that thinks it’s a lot smarter than it actually is. You can see what the author was trying to go for; a deconstruction of the harem genre in which finding love is as easy as writing it down in a magical notebook, ala death note. I mean, the main character Seiji finds himself in a three-way relationship by the end of the first episode. Kind of quick don’t you think? The slapstick comedy gets old fast, and its characters fall flat. There isn’t anything terribly offensive about the show, but I’d be hard pressed to recommend it to anybody. Now, can I get a bit real here and say why I watched the show? I saw the cover for the show and really liked one of the characters design. Yup, that’s it.

Worst Anime of the Season – Danmachi Sword Oratoria (5/10)

Okay, what the hell was that? Look, when I first watched the original Danmachi, I was a hell of a lot more tolerant than I am now. I gave the series a 7 because, despite its many flaws, I can’t help but enjoy an underdog story. But Sword Oratoria promised the badass sword princess Aiz Wallenstein. Instead, what I got was the most miserable, annoying brat, Lefiya, and her quest to get into Aiz’s panties.

Who the hell thought we wanted to see more of Lefiya?! Did she even do anything on the original series? A classic example of bait-and-switch. Literally, nothing important happens, as the story runs concurrently with the original series. The show is at its best when its story intertwines with the original Danmachi, but that’s not saying much. A gigantic waste of time that missed all opportunities to develop the character it was sold on. God damn it I hate Lefiya.

Sakura Quest (Dropped)

A show that sold itself on being the next Shirobako, I came in with unfair expectations. It wasn’t that I hadn’t enjoyed what I watched, but every time a plot thread was starting to get interesting, it would move on the next frivolous story. The premise of 5 young women who are trying to reinvigorate tourism in their small town in the countryside is fascinating, but it wasn’t enough to maintain my attention. I’m not against episodic series, but Sakura Quest just wasn’t doing it for me. There is still a chance I’ll finish the show if the reception for the second core is more positive. But for now, it remains on my dropped list.

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