From Gameboy to the Super Nintendo: An evolution of Kirby’s copy abilities

When you think of Kirby, the first thing that comes to mind is his iconic ability to suck up enemies and take their power. It's a simple yet effective gameplay mechanic that has held strong for over 25 years. But it's evolution wasn't necessarily linear. When taking a closer look through Kirby's long history, it [...]


Star Fox 2 and the importance of video game preservation

The announcement of Star Fox 2 for the Super Nintendo Classic edition marks an important step in video game preservation. Initially planned for release the near end of the Super Nintendo’s life, Star Fox 2 was quietly shelved in 1995, likely due to the impending release of the Nintendo 64. While many of its ideas [...]


In this week’s Romhack Fridays, we’ll be looking at a complete hack. Unlike last week’s improvement hacks, complete hacks tend to be more involved. They often make drastic changes involving many facets of ROM hacking: reworked translations, visual upgrades, adjusted difficulty, and sometimes go even further, adding in new stages and gameplay features. Some notable [...]


ROMHACK FRIDAYS aims to showcase some of the greatest ROM hacks both old and new. I hope to handpick some of the greatest hacks, fan translations, and complete conversions out there. Just because they’re old games, doesn’t mean they have to be stuck in the past. For the inaugural ROMHACK FRIDAY, I'm delving into the [...]