The Music of Revelations: Persona

With the announcement of Persona 3 Dancing Moon Light / Persona 5 Dancing Star Night, it’s a perfect opportunity to talk about the wonderful music of Persona and the creative forces behind it. We've come a long way since the release of 1995's Revelations: Persona for the PlayStation. Megami Ibunroku Persona was developed by … Continue reading The Music of Revelations: Persona


From PC Engine to PlayStation: The Music of Castlevania

It’s no surprise that a horror film buff such as myself is a huge fan of Castlevania. But while I enjoy the endless slaughtering of Dracula, both styles of Castlevania, as action-platformers and exploratory adventures, and the all the horror inspirations, what I love most about the series is its music. I consider the original … Continue reading From PC Engine to PlayStation: The Music of Castlevania

Monster Hunter World of Salt

Look, I’m just as disappointed as anyone that Monster Hunter XX’s localization wasn’t announced at e3. But the hatred spewing from the Monster Hunter community is just insane. People are so up in arms, saying how MHW is nothing but a casual and westernized take on the series we love. But the community’s reaction is … Continue reading Monster Hunter World of Salt